Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Well, I have really enjoyed the time I have spent here. It is killing me to have to stop, but the least I can do is let you all know why.

Between work, family, studying and personal projects I just don't have the time to continue writing. Hopefully I will be able to get back into the swing of things once life settles down again.

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

About As Much As I Can Stand

I've had it with all the wannabe Christians that do not follow in Jesus' footsteps in the slightest. I wouldn't mind so much if it weren't for the fact that they are running our country.

In his speech regarding the killing of Al-Zarqawi, President Bush said, "...and delivered justice to the most wanted terrorist in Iraq."

This was not justice in the eyes of the Lord Jesus Christ. This was murder.

Then you have the wannabe Christians that think it is their right to make choices for others. God gave his children the burden of choice. This should not be taken away by those that are deluded in thinking it is their duty to enforce the laws of God. It is only their duty to teach, not to take away rights that God gave his children.

The situation I am referring to is gay marriage. If you believe these people are living in sin, then you have every right to say so. You do not have every right to stop them through the rule of man. These wannabe Christian politicians claim they are protecting the institution of marriage. What they are really trying to do is win the votes of the Christian base. They claim that allowing gay marriage will give polygamists a broader argument to allow polygamy.

Personally, I think both should be allowed. In the case of polygamy the only law should be that all parties involved must be completely aware and consenting to the situation.

Capital punishment is another item on my list. Jesus would not approve. He probably wouldn't approve of gay marriage either, but he certainly would not take away the people's right to choose.

Are you a true Christian, following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ or are you just another wannabe?

I'm sorry for the rant. I am just so angry about all of the religious prejudice.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

EXTRA! EXTRA! U.S. Government, Lost Cause!

"Speaking of lunacy, the saddest report from Iraq is that American soldiers showing signs of psychological distress and depression are being kept on active duty, increasing the risk of suicide. The Hartford Courant reports that even soldiers who have already been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress syndrome are kept on duty. This has led to an increase in the suicide rate -- 22 soldiers in 2005. And as I have reported before, the military is unprepared to deal with the flood of head cases coming back from Iraq. How many ways can we mistreat our own soldiers, while the right makes this elaborate show of devotion to 'the troops'?" - Molly Ivans

If this is where we are with out troops, just think of the hole the rest of our government is in. We have to hire a lawyer to sort out the legal system and the tax system. The average Joe does not stand a chance of being able to survive our legal system because he can barely afford to put food on the table for his children. Housing is up, wages are down, the country is at war with an unseen enemy, fuel costs are skyrocketing (this effects everything), and I'm gonna get $20 back on my tax refund. What an exciting time to be an American!

Don't misunderstand; I love my country and what it was described to stand for. However, it does not resemble anything like what I would like to see. I do believe that Murph's comments on a previous post are essentially correct.

"The system of governance set in place was a rather dramatic shift from the European concept. Radical as hell. Had a lot of good ideas in it, but it was flawed from the git go. It simply had way too many ways to be corrupted and manipulated, and attempts, (some successful and some not) began immediately. These documents were drafted by, primarily, the elite of the time that had their own self interest and agenda, centering around property rights and accumulation of wealth. After the civil war, the acceleration of manipulation of the constitution led to the Robber Barons of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. They indeed did do much the same as we have happening today and became so excessive that there was a lot of popular uprising against their policies." - Murph

It is easy to think that you may have the answers to the many problems that we face in the U.S. today. I know I do at times. In my line of work, my job is to come up with solutions to problems. I review the situation, get input from others, and implement a solution. You would think this methodology would apply to our government, but it certainly does not seem to.

I am all for striping our government down and starting all over. There are a lot of good ideas, but just as many bad ones have gotten mixed in that are causing us more problems that we care to admit. Our eyes are closed to the damage that our government is causing worldwide.

What do I propose?

Well, for immigration we need to decide whether we are an open border country or closed. We might consider setting the number of different types of visas (already done, but doesn't seem to matter) we accept application for and allow per year. Stop charging for application because this is one reason why there are so many illegals. I'll stop there for now.

We need to remove lobbying and campaign contributions. Campaigns should be financed solely by taxes, so that every candidate gets equal access. And the incumbent should not have to campaign. He/she is already in the position and the job they do should be their campaign. If any official is accused of wrong doing there should be an investigation at which time the official has to relinquish their office and pay until they are cleared. Again, this could go on all day.

Though shall not kill, steal, blah, blah, blah. To me all of the above and many laws are common sense. Somehow we get into legal interpretation that goes beyond the original intent of the law.

Many religions believe that god gave us the right to make our own choices. Atheists believe this too. So why do so many of our laws take away our right to choose? And what do we do about the massive amounts of diversity?

Government should not include religion no more than the ability of an elected representative's decision making. "I vote yes because I believe we should help people." Or "I vote no because people should be able to make their own decisions", etc... But when we start saying someone can't get married because they are the same sex, or a woman can't get an abortion because as a Christian it isn't right, then we have gone too far. A marriage can be a legal agreement, or a religious rite. That is an individual decision. Same goes for abortion and a myriad of other subjects. I only pick on those two because they are prominent in our society.

A perfect example of how out of hand things are is the war on terror and the debate about torture. There is a simple solution to the questions about detainee treatment. Anyone that we hold up as a criminal under international law should thereby be subject to those laws. Otherwise, they should be subject to our laws. A fair trial, impartial jury, and everything else that goes with it. PERIOD!

I could go on like this for months. I should probably just write a book on the subject to express everything that no one will say. But, I will stop for now with one final thought.

Although it isn't expressed as such, Buddhism holds a simple tenant that should apply to all of us and especially government. Remove all reason for manipulation and you no longer have anything to hide. Our government desperately needs this philosophy. We should not have any secrets from the people or the world if we are indeed holding to good and honest intentions.


Thursday, May 11, 2006

An Interpretation of U.S. Middle Eastern Policy

Over the years, the U.S. has spent enormous amounts of money on its' Middle East policy. From funding what became "terrorist organizations" for keeping up the cold war to the Iraq war. There does not seem to be an end to what the U.S. government is willing to fund to achieve goals that don't entirely seem to stem from the desires of the voters.

Some have argued that it is because of oil or Israel. I'm sure there are a large number of other reasons for why the U.S. finds it necessary to continually meddle in the affairs of the Middle East. I am only interested in focusing on these two.


At this very moment, the oil companies are making the largest percentage of profits in history. Many of them claim to be reinvesting that money, but if that is the case how do they explain this?

Internal memos show oil companies limited refineries to drive up prices

Recently I saw a report that Texaco had made $208 billion and reinvested $210 over the last 10 years. Somehow I doubt it. With what has come out about many companies, the salaries of executives, and their manipulation of the stock market, I just don't see them putting more into R&D than they make.

William Clark wrote that the motivation was based on oil, but the true motivation was the money behind the oil. I am inclined to agree that if oil is no longer traded worldwide on the American dollar that it will be very devastating to the U.S. economy. It is simply another commodity just like the gold that our economy was founded on.


I am not articulate enough to expand upon the relationship between our Middle East policy and Israel. I implore you to read John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt's report on "The Israel Lobby".

These two gentlemen have endured much criticism over their authoring of this article. Here is an example of the comments they have received as reported on NPR.


It took a little while, but they finally decided to address some of the comments.


And I agree with them.


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

How I Was Put In My Place

A "conservative" decided to tell me off and compare me to "racists that I write about". He had no constructive statements and could only choose to pick on spelling or grammatical errors on my page. In short, telling me that my page was a waste of space. That is perfectly acceptable. We are all entitled to our opinions.

If you come to my site and choose to read, empathize, sympathize, comment, compare, or just be a general ass you will still be welcome and treated with respect. I want to spread as much information as possible. That is the entire purpose for the existence of this blog. I may comment on things that get me fired up, but those are only my opinions. All I want from the readers is the opportunity to show you there is more information available out there than the mainstream has chosen to show you.

I am perfectly willing to accept constructive criticism, and debate the various topics that I post on. I am open minded and willing to admit when I am wrong. Don't come here trying to cause trouble because you will not illicit angry responses from me nor will you have any chance of changing my mind or proving me wrong. Fair and reasonable discussion is all that I ask. I will not be forced into the typical school yard bitch fights that so many seem to resort to when faced with truth and facts that they cannot refute.

In response to the comments I received from the individual that provoked this post, thank you for taking some of your precious time to read a small portion of my page. I am sorry that you did not find the contents to your liking. Maybe one day you will choose to comment or debate in an open-minded, mature manner.


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Americans Are Stupid

I have pondered the question "Are Americans stupid or is it just laziness?" Well, I have come to the conclusion that, en masse, Americans are stupid. Maybe it isn't a complete case of stupidity, but at the very least it is largely attributed to ignorance. This is really worse than plain ol' stupidity.

My entire life I have been told how ignorance is no excuse. For many years I considered that this statement was a little ignorant in itself. If ignorance is no excuse, but you are ignorant of something, how are you supposed to become informed beforehand? Over time I began to realize that it is essentially true, more so now with the internet. If you pick a subject that you know nothing about, it really isn't that difficult to do a little research so that you are no longer ignorant. There are criminals that have taken this statement more to heart than those of us interested in the success of our country or us.

My Reasoning

My wife and I recently took a trip to the mall. This was probably one of the worst days of my life in recent years. As I sat there eating lunch and watching the people walking around, I quickly began to understand just how stupid we are. Everyone was talking on cell phones, wearing commercial clothing, and generally giving in to the corporate idea of who we should be. We looked and felt like lepers in the middle of all this. I was wearing a beat up old t-shirt, jeans and a pair of $20 sneakers. She was wearing Winnie the Pooh shorts, a cheap tropical top and a pair of cheap sandals. Neither of us looked like we belonged on the cover of any magazine.

What really made this trip so disgusting was it not being just a younger set of people included in the cookie factory. It was everyone. There were people wearing intentionally distressed t-shirts that (as I priced them) cost around $25. You have to be stupid to pay $25 for a shirt that looks like it was worn by a coal miner in the mines before Abercrombie stuck their stamp on it. You have to be equally as stupid to pay $100+ for a pair of shoes that consist of nothing more than a piece of rubber attached by a couple of shoe strings (ladies).

Then there is the media. Obviously if it is coming from television or radio then it is more credible. Wrong! Where do they get their money? From advertising? So they are playing on your ignorance. They want you to see whatever will keep you watching long enough to watch the ads that play every 10-15 minutes. Let me give you some examples.

Media & VNRs:
I especially like this one because I'm questioning when advertising took the place of a trained medical experts opinion.

Center For Media And Democracy's take on the subject.

And if you didn't believe the administration before, they will help concrete their assertions.

Media & Politics
We were totally convinced that the Bush administration had the right idea by suggesting we invade Iraq. Given most of this was propaganda disseminated by the media. The country was so behind Bush after 9/11 that there was no turning back once the ball started rolling. Ignorance played a large roll in this and still does. Most people that have stopped backing the current administration didn't stop because they got smarter about the motivations of the administration. If the mainstream media outlets aren't reporting it then we shouldn't care. That is the mentality I see.

No WMDs, no nuclear stockpiles, and no yellow cake. Yet the administration still isn't being held accountable and the body count is still rising.

We don't seem to be putting enough pressure on our government to deal with the large volumes of corruption that is evident in our system.

Remember the $435 hammer the navy bought?

What about the torture issue?

What about self-proclaimed Christian fundamentalists that really aren't?

Anyone remember Katrina? Just do a search and I'm sure you'll find plenty on this one.

The lists and the reasoning goes on and on and on and on.....

I'd like you to really think about something. If immigrants can boycott en masse and actually create a major impact through that boycott (Monday's work freeze and protests), why can't the rest of us. If we are truly up in arms about the way corporate lobby controls our personal rights, or the administration can so easily push us into unjustifiable wars, why can't we perform a work stoppage of our own to get the point across?

Monday, May 01, 2006

Racism, Right or Wrong?

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

Do we take this statement seriously, or are we a bunch of hypocritical morons? I am a literal believer that all men and women are equal. It doesn't matter what race, creed or religion. I am so tired of the whole racism card game. It all just makes me want to stand on a mountain top and scream about the ignorance of the world. If you don't think that racism still occurs in this country then you are truly blinded by the propaganda.

Take a look at this article and consider that some of the organizations involved are running this country.


While Duke is not afraid to state his racist motivations there are a huge number of people hiding in the shadows that don't even have the nerve to state theirs. I say, if you are racist, stand up and be counted among the ignorant fools of the world.

Read on and spread the truth!!!!